By using the best auto repair billing software, and its gross profit calculator, you can add rack up more revenue with your real-time labor guide features.


How to Make Money in Auto Repair

Unlock the secrets to optimize your Gross Profit and achieve greater success in your business.

How to Earn $100,000 More in Auto Repair Point of Sales

Today, two allies share their knowledge of software to help other shop owners become more profitable through auto repair point of sales.

Jorge Antico founded and developed software for, an integration partner. Meanwhile, Steve Wootton is a Shop-Ware advisory board member and a Service-Intel user for the past dozen years. Both are clients of Shop-Ware’s shop management software.

Meet Jorge Antico

Jorge operated Santa Monica Auto Center from 1998 to 2002. As he put best practices into place, he realized that shop management systems were incapable of accurately predicting recurring maintenance needs. He also noted that vehicle owners consider shop’s vehicle inspections as biased. So, he created, a POS tool to produce fact-based reports of “who-needs-what”  that clients trust. The cloud-based aftermarket platform includes POS service-need predictions, a full-featured CRM, and SEO-optimized websites. This is all compatible with most major shop management systems, including Shop-Ware and its gross profit calculator for parts.

In a recent webinar, he and Steve showed how shop owners could be missing up to $100,000 in profit per year, by under-selling recurring maintenance (based on $77 x 5 RO/Day x 261 workdays). Both men share a focus with Shop-Ware on supporting people as they switch to new systems and see stellar results.

Meet Steve

Steve has been working in the automotive industry since 1984. He has earned certifications in ASE Master Automobile Technician, Advanced Level Performance, Service Consultant, and is an  Accredited Automotive Manager through the Automotive Management Institute. He has worked as a technical advisor for Ultimate Automotive, Truck & Equipment in Cromwell, Connecticut since 2005. 

He offers invaluable insights into how Shop-Ware users can continue to boost service sales while meeting the demands of a busy shop.

A Tech Teamwork that Truly Works

Together, Service-Intel and Shop-Ware accurately predict all service needs pre-inspection, saving time for techs, staff, and customers. The biggest feature is the ability to build vehicle owner trust by tracking service history based upon a customer’s actual driving mileage. It also tracks key metrics, such as the number of people reached with service alerts, messages opened, and response rates.

For more information, visit or to schedule a demo, contact Steve at [email protected].

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