Before getting the right auto repair software, Fisk Automotive struggled. Then Shop-Ware + Broadly saved them time on operations & customer communication.

How this Auto Repair Shop Cut Down on Wasted Time

Meet Fisk Automotive

Today, we shine the spotlight on Fisk Automotive in Fullerton, CA and how the best shop management software changed its operations. Jack Crawley, President of Fisk Automotive, worked his way from the ground up from an ASE Master Technician. His interest in cars began in a high school auto repair shop. From there, he obtained a part-time job sweeping floors in a local car repair shop.

More than 35 years later, Jack now owns Fisk Automotive, a modern, clean, and well-equipped shop with a mission of taking care of the clients first and foremost. Inside, you’ll find 8 bays with a variety of lifts.

Fisk Automotive is the only ASE Blue Seal Certified automotive repair facility in Fullerton. They are also a Southern California AAA “Approved Auto Repair” (AAR) facility, Repair Pal certified, and a member of Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA).

The Challenge of the Time Crunch

Prior to discovering Shop-Ware auto repair software, Fisk Automotive found itself strapped for time. Between chasing customers down on the phone, wondering, “Does anyone not screen their phone calls these days?” and hustling to compile ROs, they felt spread thin.

Fisk Automotive needed a way to get more cars through the shop – and fast. On top of this, Jack needed to drive more 5-star reviews, a challenge many shops are faced with.

The Results with the Right Auto Repair Software

When his current shop management software became seriously outdated, Jack gave Shop-Ware a try. Once onboard with Shop-Ware, Fisk Automotive noticed an immediate spike in estimate approvals along with significant time savings on customer communication. Clients used to take his days to get back to his team; now approvals come in within minutes.


Jack quickly notes that they didn’t have anything like the Shop-Ware + Broadly integration previously. Fisk found that Broadly’s ‘Chat with Us Now’ feature attracts new business and drives conversions for his shop at an incredible rate. Even better, he can monitor and respond to customer reviews at record speed.

When it comes to the Shop-Ware + Broadly integration, Jack was quick to note that they didn’t have anything like that before. Fisk found that Broadly’s ‘Chat with Us Now’ feature was an incredible way to attract new business and drive conversions for his shop. Even better was the ability to monitor and respond to customer reviews at record speed.

The Takeaway

Before, Fisk Automotive definitely struggled to manage staff’s time, attract new business and drive 5-star reviews. These days, Shop-Ware + Broadly get the job done. After implementing the software, Jack watched his business take off.

He now refers other shops to Shop-Ware. Jack notes, “Everyone is trying to up their game, there is no doubt about it. If you stand still for a moment, you’re done. That is what our last program did.”

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