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How Does Your Shop Create a Great Customer Experience?

How much does it cost to bring aboard a new customer? The amount ranges from $17 to $148, according to this forum on Automotive Network Management’s website.

Those numbers should inspire you to create a great auto repair customer experience. That way, you keep your current customers and make them even more loyal to your shop with shop management software. So, how do you do this without spending more money than you would to acquire them in the first place?

Share customer experience stories

When you fix a car, you’re not just doing it for the money. You’re trying to save the customer from getting stranded at the side of the road or from further expense later.

One of the best ways to share these stories comes from positive reviews from previous clients. For example, they can point out how a change made their car run more efficiently. They may write about other benefits, such as keeping their aging car on the road much longer than expected. Either way, you come across as having saved the day!

Don’t hold back from highlighting these messages that make you look like a hero. Post them in the waiting room, all over your website and on your social media channels. Nothing earns trust faster than having someone talking up your shop while you stand back humbly accepting the accolades.

Best of all, these reviews are typically free and they arise from people who actually pay you.

Six heart outlines with five-star reviews from auto repair shops

Show and tell in auto repair

Sure, you can tell a car owner that their tie rods are shot, but showing them the worn parts will send a more clear message. Visual cues stick in customers’ memories more than any words you’ll share. As a bonus, it takes just a fraction of a second for their brain to process that image.

To earn their trust, send photos or even videos to their phone so they can check it when they have a moment. This type of transparency is priceless to a busy person who wants to understand why they pay you for your expertise.

On that note, make sure you take photos that clearly tell the story. The proper lighting and how you frame the photo will spell out what they see on their screen. Adding precise notes will also help the customer see what you see. This ultimate guide to taking a good photo from diagnostics expert Scott Brown can help you improve your technique.

Communicating via text or email also saves your staff from spending time on the phone, explaining how a car should work. Instead, when you send a recommendation with parts pricing and images, you put the decision back in the buyer’s hands.

Text and Chat Within Your Auto Repair Software. Customers LOVE It!

This gives them time to show the message to a friend or family member who is more car savvy. When they reinforce your advice, it makes you look even more professional and trustworthy.

Stop pitching and focus on fixing

In the past, service advisors had to decide how much work to pitch to a customer without going too far. Now, you can share a full report of what is needed and allow them to choose.

After being on Shopware for a full year, on average shops saw a revenue and gross profit increase of 19.8%. That happens because customers approve more repairs than advisors would have suggested.

Ultimately, you put the customer in the driver’s seat so they don’t feel pushed into making a decision. That translates into great customer service!

Not every shop management system offers this type of communication platform so shop around until you find one that does. Shop-Ware has led this field with the Digital Vehicle Experience (DVX™) that takes eCommerce to a new level. It replicates the Amazon experience of showing photos and communicating via a live chat box.

Auto repair shop employee in front of a screen with a banner reading Your Shop, Simplified

Elevate the customer experience with extras

People love to have comfy seats, nice music and fresh coffee when they come to your waiting room. However, most want to get back on the road with a clear understanding of what they have just bought. That’s why the full circle of a rich customer experience relies on having the right tools for your transactions.

Shops who adopted digital payments systems say they cannot imagine how they would have operated during COVID-19 without them. Thankfully, we have great partners, such as 360 Payments, who make that option easy by integrating with Shop-Ware.

Meanwhile, working with KUKUI gives shops supercharged access to performance metrics to reach new heights when connecting with and keeping customers.

Overall, it takes great staff and industry partners to create a customer experience that is memorable for the right reasons. Does your shop management system deliver all these ingredients?

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