Shop-Ware Analytics makes it easy to diagnose and reprogram problems in your auto repair shop that go far beyond the usual real-time labor guide.

Get Ahead of Problems in Your Auto Repair Shop Before They Arise with Shop-Ware Analytics

An In-Depth Guide to Shop-Ware Analytics
By Monique Mondragon-Tafoya, Shop-Ware Sales Manager

Shop-Ware Analytics offer many impressive ways for a shop view their metrics – without a single sheet of paper. I like to tell auto repair shops that Shop-Ware is the scan tool of their entire business. It’s easy to diagnose problem areas and reprogram that goes far beyond the usual real-time labor guide.

Shop-Ware’s shop management software allows you at-a-glance access to data from anywhere so you can see your business performance across time. This level of visualization lends you a keen eye to identify trends. In turn, this gives you the ability to drill down and gain actionable information.

Here are some examples of how you can pull and act on this type of information:

Close Rate and Up Sales

For example, every $1,000 that your tech recommends, your advisor is able to sell $400, giving you a 40% close rate. Or when your customer comes in for an oil change and you sell them a water pump, you clearly see what your advisors are converting.

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Capacity for new business

All user actions are timestamped within the labor guide, capturing the cycle time a car spends in a bay. Now, you can get an average estimate of how long it takes to get vehicles through your shop by looking at gauges and green dots.

You can also see how long each stage takes to instantly identify the bottlenecks in your shop. As a result, you can book in more work when an hour or two open up, generating more daily revenue.

Data for marketing via Shop-Ware Analytics

Thanks to customized reports, you can quickly access your top makes, models, and years to grasp your primary revenue sources. Next, you send marketing promotions to owners of those vehicle types.

Our partnership with Broadly also makes it easier for fans to leave five-star reviews to drive more business to you.

Connecting with non-returning customers

If you discover that new customers haven’t visited in months, you can simply click on the number in your records and instantly generate a list for marketing! It’s high-return busy work for your service advisor on a slow day.

Say you get just one customer to come in from calling or texting from that list, with an ARO of $820. That right there is far more than the cost of one month’s service on Shop-Ware’s Master plan.


Insights into customer behavior

Thanks to our updates and integration partners, customers can replicate the experience they get while shopping or banking online. One in five retail transactions in the U.S. unfolds digitally and soon it will become the norm.

As a bonus, you also get customer behavior data that is invaluable for tracking trends and sales roadblocks. No other real-time labor guide offers those insights.

Track each employee’s activities

You may have a quiet tech who is modestly converting more recommendations into sales than you realize. By checking the value of recs per RO, you will see how much work is approved than not.

This allows you to recognize this person’s contributions and focus on keeping your revenue-building staff happy and on the team.

Multi-shop operations simplified

Advanced Analytics highlights your business performance at a glance and drills into the details to uncover opportunities and problems. Owners of multiple locations get a consolidated view of all of their shops and employees in one place, accessible from anywhere.

If you’d like to see certain data in certain ways, or if you have a question for a specific analysis or marketing campaign, we can help you create custom reports. Shop-Ware Analytics also integrates with AutoVitals, 180BIZ, Bosch and several other partners to leverage their insights as well.

Overall, having the right systems in your shop makes a world of difference. Find out how car mechanic software also addresses four major trends in auto repair in 2022: aging cars, higher customer expectations, value of your time and easy ecommerce. Use tech to solve these problems and more and to take the stress out of your day.

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