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Four Ways to Reveal our Skills with Auto Repair Software

While driving is a part of virtually every American’s life, some people still see getting auto repairs as a hassle. Sure, no one wants to give up their ride for part of the day. They also don’t relish the idea of fielding calls about pricing, parts, and pickup times. However, auto repair software eases part of that equation.

Every shop has a chance to be part of the revolution to the new way of doing things. That means using shop management software to improve your workflow and communicate more clearly in a way that intrudes less in a customer’s day.

1. Work to Become our Best Ambassadors

We’ve all heard about that one bad experience about the time things went wrong or a customer was overcharged.

To swing the pendulum back, we all have to work to be transparent and customer-focused. By showing them images of what is needed and why with auto repair software, we create an informed client. And they can easily become our advocates.

By teaching them via preventative maintenance works in their favor, you put the onus on them to stay on top of that type of work. That makes us their allies even more so than before.


2. Tap Into the Gaming Mentality by Using Auto Repair Software

Despite the advances in the field, people still think of wrenches and manual labor as part of a mechanic’s job. Little do most of them realize the technical skill related to a repair.

We are now fixing cars for a generation that grew up glued to the internet and living much of their day in the online world. Most repairs they do are via video games. By demonstrating the technology via the best garage management software we use daily to diagnose and fix problems, we speak a language closer to one they know.

This can help us engage customers and it can also help with recruiting new talent to the industry. Those who love to learn can certainly face that challenge as models and technology evolve every year. Once they get their hands on an engine, they can help bring your shop into the next phase – whatever that may be.

3. Show Customers a Greener Way

With more environmental awareness comes questions about cars and how they impact the world around us. The industry is obviously evolving with options like synthetic oil and electric vehicles to diminish a driver’s carbon footprint.

Of course, having a well-tuned car is part of the equation so education plays a role here again.

No one else is going to advocate for us so it becomes part of our jobs to show how we are open to adapting and moving forward by adapting to new options as they arise. If you embrace a new approach or service, don’t be shy about sharing it.

4. Turn to Auto Repair Software Experts When You Need Them

Face it, your forte is fixing cars or guiding a team that knows how to do so. In other words, you need to understand the technology to the point of knowing how to use it.

By relying on people who understand digital customer communication, integration with your accounting and inventory software, and more, you free up your brain to focus on running your business. Shop-Ware’s service team gets you up and running so you can build morale in your shop and reach out to attract more customers.

Part of the magic of innovative auto shop-management software is how it helps you do all those things better.

Together, we can change consumers’ views of our industry. We have the technology, skills, and people skills to make it all work. And we look forward to seeing more champions at next week’s shows and in your shop soon.

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