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Five Steps to Set Up the Diagnostic Scan Tool Integration: Bosch ADS 625

We are very pleased to now offer our shops added value through the integration of Shop-Ware with Bosch ADS 625, Bosch‘s industry-leading diagnostic scan tool! The integrated technology offers better customer transparency within our shop management software
, which leads to an increased return on acceptance rate.

Pre and post scans performed on the tool will post to the associated work order in real time, therefore it saves time and reduces the margin of error to almost zero. Additionally, it communicates technical detail to your customers. See the full release notes. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on integrating ADS 625 with Shop-Ware.

Step 1: Register your tool

First, click the button below to register your tool by serial number. Once submitted, the number will be sent to us for configuration on your shop account. We will get back to you within one business day to confirm that the registration is complete and you’ll be all set to start using your tool!

Step 2: Shop-Ware Integration

Next, we register each ADS625 to a single shop location. This is multi-shop compatible so scans will NOT post across locations for accounts that have more than one.

Step 3: Pre & Post Scan Posting requirements

In order for a pre- or post-scan to appear in Shop-Ware, you must have:

  • Your ADS625 registered with Shop-Ware (Step 1)
  • At least one in progress Work Order (not Estimate or Invoice) with the same vehicle getting scanned
  • On the Work Order, the vehicle’s VIN decoded
  • A pre- or post-scan run with a vehicle “Auto ID”

Step 4: Hooking up Your ADS 625

At this stage, you will connect the ADS’s Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) to the vehicle:

The VCI will show that it has connected to the vehicle and to the ADS tool.

On the ADS screen, confirm the connection:

  • ADS to the VCI – White icon with a green dot in the lower right-hand corner

  • VCI to the vehicle – “Connected” with a green dot in the upper left-hand corner

  • ADS to wifi – Wifi cone in Android menu in the upper right-hand corner


Step 5: Running a pre- or post-scan

Here is a quick guide to the final step:

  1. Select Vehicle

  2. Check AutoID

  3. Click “Read DTCs”

  4. Select All ECUs

  5. Click “Continue”

  6. Run and complete the scan

  7. Confirm upload at bottom of the screen

  8. Scan appears on Shop-Ware Work Order in less than 60 seconds

To see corresponding images with these steps, head over to the full release notes.

If you have 20 minutes, you can also watch our CEO, Carolyn Coquillette walk through the above steps in our ADS 625 Webinar below:

That’s it! You’re ready to save time and impress your customers. Don’t forget, we are always here to help you troubleshoot in case you run into issues within our real-time labor guide. Any questions can be directed to Shop-Ware Support. Happy scanning!

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