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Finally, Auto Repair eCommerce as Easy as Buying Pajamas

When you go to your favorite e-tailer to buy pajamas, you know what you’re getting. After all, you’ve seen the product and agreed to the price and the other details. Simple, right?

Finally, we have the same transparency and communication for shop management software. We call it DVX™ for Digital Vehicle Experience

Shop-Ware CEO, Carolyn Coquillette, and Product Manager, Darin Sullivan, recently hosted a webinar to showcase this new milestone in automotive repair software. Packed with a fresh design and state of the art transaction interface, DVX optimizes workflows for auto shops. It even has a shopping cart feature with running totals.

Shop-Ware logo with words Exclusive Demo: Digital Vehicle Experience DVX

Automotive shop software – reimagined

First of all, DVX documents what the shop finds and informs the customer quickly and clearly via a new design and code on the customer-facing side. As a result, it feels contemporary and is much easier to use than traditional DVI. Ultimately, customers better understand the need for the repair and shops get to showcase their expertise. With Shop-Ware, customers approve 89% of the time.

“You can finally bring the customer into the process when the work begins, which is what they are actually paying for. DVI does not do this,” Carolyn says. “This is a tip-to-tail experience.”

When 60-plus shops stepped up to beta test DVX, they – and their customers – discovered it saves both parties time and clarifies any potential misunderstandings.

Clarify communication between you and your customers:

  • Every RO needs a customer reaction – approve or decline.
  • Services are in context of the recommendation notes with photos and video.
  • Cleaner and easier way to navigate through the interface.

“We’ve taken a good thing and made it better,” Darin says. “And we’ve been careful not to lose what works well for customers.”

Tablet and smartphones screens showing an auto repair bill

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