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Filter Faster with Efficient Auto Repair Invoice Software

Does your auto repair shop invoice software require you to export an AR report in its entirety then narrow down details? What if you want to refine your search sooner to get the information you need much faster?

As with every task in auto repair, every time a job takes a minute longer, that time really adds up. Your day could quickly get bogged down in processes unless you work with tools that speed up each step.

With Shop-Ware’s shop management software, you can filter your reports by customer name, or email address. That way, you can display an AR report that shows just those line items you want to home in on.

From there, you can export a consolidated report to reflect which customers still owe partial payments. Rest assured that you’re working with accurate, filtered information. Plus, you’ll be performing at record speed.

Invoice text that works with the best auto repair software

Auto repair invoice software as an efficiency tool

As you know, accounts receivable reports are one of the most important reports accountants need for their routine bookkeeping. These reports show all unpaid customer invoices and vary in their depth and insights, depending on how they sort information.

With robust auto repair order software, an AR report can show accurate current balances so you don’t send unnecessary reminders. As a result, this will help you manage your auto repair business more efficiently.

It also builds stronger relationships with customers when you only pursue the unpaid portions of their invoices. No one wants to spend time going back and forth over a bill that has been settled. When you stay on top of your billing, you wisely invest your time in revenue-generating mode.

Auto repair shop invoice software that works for YOU

With Shop-Ware’s improved accounts receivable reporting tool, shops can use several new features to speed up bill collecting.

Staff can now filter the list of invoices with outstanding balances by:

  • Total (RO total $)
  • Due (unpaid RO balance $)
  • Percent Paid (Total $ / Amount Paid for any unpaid amount less than 100%)

Now, it is easier than ever before to seek invoices belonging to a specific customer or group of customers. It is also beneficial to sort the list of invoices by any of the column headers.

All of this can be done within the Shop-Ware application (rather than exporting to Excel and mining the data separately). This really adds up, particularly when you run more than one shop. The more you can get done within your auto repair software, and the less you have to export, the better.

AR statements workflow within auto repair invoice software

How to filter within auto repair invoice software

Shop-Ware’s AR Report offers the option to produce extremely detailed reports. Say goodbye to the days of Excel formulas and extensive data calculation.

Once you’ve set your filters, simply check the consolidated report. The Total Amount Due (sum of all outstanding balances) and the Percentage Due (Total Amount Due divided by the sum of the invoice Grand Totals) will appear at the top of the page.

You can drill into the details while reviewing a report that shows information divided by any column header, such as:

  • RO Number
  • Customer name or email address
  • Picked up or RO closed date
  • Vehicle make, model or year
  • License Plate
  • Fleet ID
AR statements export from auto repair invoice software

Easily export the data you need

Once you’ve filtered the report to your liking, you can select the specific line items you want to export. Select a handful of line items or select them all – it’s up to you.

Within seconds, you can quickly export your set of AR Invoices into a CSV file. You can then open this in any spreadsheet application, such as Excel or Google Sheets. Either way, Shop-Ware has you covered since our software is specially designed to be user-friendly.

Even better, any manager or shop owner can gain insights from the Customer Profile page within the auto repair shop invoice software.

Say you want to home in on a specific customer.

  • Find a button to view all their outstanding invoices.
  • One click will take you to the AR Statements page.
  • Automatically, the software inputs the correct filters for you.

This makes customer AR management seamless and makes your shop more efficient and productive.

Ultimately, Shop-Ware has made it faster to sift through all filters within its software and export any data you need. That’s just one reason why our users rank us so highly on review sites like Capterra.

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