Father-Son Team Adds Digital Workflow to 40-Year-Old Shop

Bill DeBoer started DeBoer’s Auto in 1982. Joined by his son, Bill Jr. more than a decade later, they scaled their business in general repair and introduced new innovations into the work process. Adding a digital workflow with Shop-Ware’s shop management software accelerated that process.

Originally located in Newton, NJ, DeBoer’s Auto, Inc. arose from Bill Senior’s love of and fascination for cars. That led him to drag racing in his teens and a career on the assembly line at Ford Motors for 13 years. Safe to say, the DeBoer family’s love of the auto industry runs deep.

Not-so-digital workflow

DeBoer’s Auto services all makes and models of vehicles. The shop management system they used previously responded slowly and it crashed frequently. Not equipped to handle the wide range of vehicles that passed through their shop, they spent time and money on various systems needed to run their shop.

Work was constantly stalled by customer approval calls and their old system didn’t integrate well with digital vehicle inspection platforms. The shop’s productivity suffered, limiting their earning potential.

Shop-Ware's GP Optimizer helps with auto parts markup

Instant results

DeBoer researched various shop management systems, testing each feature before deciding to switch over. After using Shop-Ware for only one week, they began to see results in the shop’s overall efficiency and productivity.

They provided customers with instant access to estimates, saving the shop time and facilitating sales.

Very happy customers

Shop-Ware’s customer engagement tools empowered DeBoer’s to streamline efficiency. As a result, they saw a steady average of 25% approval for shop recommendations.

Their customers loved that the platform provided complete transparency. Instantly, it made it easy for them to follow along with the entire repair process remotely. That resulted in a major productivity boost.

So, they completely removed customer approval stalls, while seamlessly presenting recommended services. DeBoer’s Auto recognized that great customer service is the key to winning repeat business from their customers.

Now they have the five-star Google reviews to prove it.

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