Does your car repair software show your capacity right now?

What if you could fit four more cars into your day but you didn’t know since other ROs keep you hopping?  If only your car repair software could alert you to this option. That would not only boost your profit, it would keep your staff more productive.

If the answer is no, then your shop management software doesn’t have a shop Capacity feature.

With Shop-Ware’s first-of-its-kind Capacity feature, shop staff can visualize workload better than ever before (with less human effort)! See how many cars sit in a technician’s queue thanks to easy-to-interpret icons.

How smart car repair software tracks car counts

First, tracking car counts has the most impact on your business once you reach the right flow. In short, car count sets the stage for all the other KPIs you’re aiming to reach.

However, flooding your shop with cars isn’t the solution either. Ideally, you will make the most profit when you hit the sweet spot between the right car count and productivity.

That’s why it pays off to have a tool to clearly show you when you run hot or cool.

If you don’t know your ideal count, we can share some resources to help. You start with your target net profit and rely on your automotive shop software to provide the statistics you need to do the math.

For other key metrics, you can also download our summary of three other vital numbers for your auto shop’s success.

How Capacity works

Above all, you win when you get an overview of how your day goes and how busy each tech keeps. You can easily do this through the visual dashboard provided with Capacity.

With one look, you can see the green dots and gauges that represent every hour available and if it is booked or filled. This frees you up from tracking multiple, manual processes that eat up time in your day. This Shop-Ware exclusive optimizes your workflow and your profitability with far less effort.

Adding Capacity to your shop’s car repair software - auto repair trends for 2022

You get an easy-to-digest snapshot of your techs’:

  • Daily Capacity

  • Available hours

  • Total billed hours

  • Total number of ROs

  • Total dollars

“Visualizing information takes you a step above just having that information,” says Carolyn Coquillette, Shop-Ware’s founder and CEO. “Seeing the data allows you to mentally grasp concepts quickly because you don’t have to do the math in your head.”

“It also helps you avoid making errors,” she adds. “With Capacity, it shows you what you need to know in visible terms.”

See where you win or lose

If your customers ask, “Can we bring in our car today?” and you don’t know the answer, it’s time to ask why. The same applies when they want to know “when will it be done?” Giving a quick, accurate reply makes you look like the pro you truly are.

However, you fall short if your car repair program doesn’t tell you where the work is in your business. Your customers get frustrated and may go elsewhere. That makes their lives more difficult and costs you that extra revenue.

But what if you could see at a glance if you have enough jobs or need more? It might be time to make a switch to a new automotive repair shop software to tap into those insights.

You can easily see which ROs are waiting for approval, completed, needing to be contacted, etc. With RO quickview, all this information sits on your screen and at your fingertips.

Get an RO quickview in Capacity in your shop’s car repair software

Build Capacity into your auto repair software

Likewise, the ability to adapt the car repair program to your needs makes it even better. Yes, you can customize the workload specs to suit your shop. For example, what if one tech works 8-hour days, but another tech works 10 hour days? You simply adjust this in your shop settings.

From there, you can easily see how many billed hours you expect to get out of each technician working daily. Even better, the numbers are deadly accurate. From there, you compare daily workload vs. weekly workload at a glance to manage each person with the auto repair program.

To sum up, you get more out of your shop with Capacity. Stay more on top of shop operations and improve tech efficiency so you earn more profit.

Really, the opportunities are endless within Shop-Ware. You can see data any hour of the day, any day of the week with our cloud-based software. Check the data from your phone from anywhere so you can keep in touch from home or the beach.

Watch a webinar with Carolyn to get more details on how this addition to your repair shop software pays off.

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