Detroit Garage operates five full-service auto repair facilities, with a mission to change how people view the auto repair industry.


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Detroit Garage Grows Its Auto Repair Empire to Seven Shops

While seeking shop management software to support its seven auto repair locations, The Detroit Garage chose Shop-Ware. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the Shop-Ware family!

Their excellent customer service, passion for the community, and staff of world-class technicians make them a cut above the rest.

Detroit Garage service advisor

Meet The Detroit Garage

First of all, the company takes pride in its Michigan roots. They have a mission to change how people view the auto repair industry and to support local. Similarly, Shop-Ware enables a shop to enhance their customers’ experience using complete transparency.

With such aligned missions, no wonder we found a match made in SMS heaven. Additionally, Shop-Ware offers multi-shop operations the most comprehensive set of tools available. The team can win back time spent on gathering and aggregating data. They can see and manage all locations, from anywhere.

When The Detroit Garage started working with Shop-Ware, it had five garages. Now, it has six with its branding, all operating within the metropolitan Detroit area, in Farmington, Hamburg, Plymouth, Livonia, Brighton and Canton. It has since added Curt’s Garage to the family.

Detroit Garage operates five full-service facilities throughout the metro Detroit Area. Their goal is to keep the customer’s car properly maintained, which in turn reduces downtime and unexpected breakdowns. They also focus on preserving vehicle fuel efficiency and extending the life of the vehicle’s engine.

In other words, The Detroit Garage always prioritizes what’s best for the customer, regardless of its impact on profit. Boasting more than one-hundred five-star reviews, this extraordinary approach speaks for itself.

*All images courtesy of The Detroit Garage

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