Denver Auto Group Shapes Culture of Success

Creating consistency

Brian Sump and Phil Carpenter are proud to call a group of auto shops in the greater Denver metro area their pride and joy. Beginning with Avalon Motorsports servicing mainly German imports, the pair have been serving the community since 2007, adding Urban locations along the way as their success and clientele grew. Funny enough, the first two locations are only two and half miles apart!

Our smaller stores are small but mighty…I mean, we’re only six locations,” Brian said. “You’ve got to keep pressure on the processes and things that are most important and ensure that when a client goes from location to location, they’re getting that same experience.”

Consistent training (as well as cross training) helps keep everyone on point, with an emphasis on continuous learning and revisiting what works to make sure everyone is staying fresh and on their toes.

Establishing culture

Culture is crucial to any business, especially attempting to maintain a solid culture between six locations. According to Phil, “you don’t just put your values up on the wall and leave them.” Sharing stories about how processes evolved shapes the culture of the shops in a positive way and helps their 40 employees deeply understand why things are done the way they are. Taking care of their people, customers and employees alike, is the key to their success.

As active members of their community, they both serve on advisory boards of vocational schools and are champions of local nonprofits like Hope House of Colorado. They both realize how important it is to be giving of time and experience to help other shop owners but also to really transform the industry.

Getting on the same page

Shop-Ware has been absolutely necessary for Brian and Phil’s business. Between the six locations, several of them had different systems when they were acquired, and Brian and Phil found the move to Shop-Ware was the right one, even if there was a learning curve.

We love the amount of depth and information that Shop-Ware provides, especially through Analytics. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, says Phil. The software gives a transparency for customers that they haven’t found anywhere else. One of the initial things that brought them to Shop-Ware was the inspection and repair order being in one place.  “Now with the estimate and technician notes all in the same place as well, it’s providing the best customer experience.” 

It’s even improving employee training. It really is super straightforward, and it seems like it’s very simple. That’s pretty common feedback we get from new team members starting, especially if they’ve come from an environment using antiquated systems or a different software,” Brian commented. 

With Shop-Ware, they can more easily stick to their stated mission: to provide an uplifting experience. At the end of the day, what matters to Brian and Phil is serving their team members and serving their community.

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