CoAuto Has Fun With Contactless Customer Service

The team at CoAuto definitely knows how to have fun.

Don’t believe us? Just check out their Instagram account. We dare you not to laugh at some of their casual Friday posts.

Despite their sense of humor, they become serious when it comes to shop management software.

CoAuto repair shop staff dressed up as Elvis and in orange for casual Friday

Meet CoAuto

CoAuto is proud to be family owned & operated. Brothers Anthony and Vincent Lucido lead their team of skilled technicians. Anthony, an ASE Certified Master Technician, and Vincent, also an ASE Certified Technician are passionate about their work and it shows.

Their team is always looking for fun ways to engage with their clients. During their weekly meetings, they like to have fun with team-building exercises to lighten the mood and strengthen their relationships.

“Customers are able to enjoy their visit to our facility because we create a warm and inviting atmosphere,” they say.

Auto repair technician in Shop-Ware T-shirt as he takes a photo of a car engine

Cornerstones of Their Community

Giving back is ingrained into the culture of CoAuto. They have five exceptional programs that serve and support in their local community of Reno, Nevada:

  • Car Giveaway Program – CoAuto gives away one car per year to a local veteran in need, chosen by the Veterans Resource Center of Nevada.

  • High School Internship Program – CoAuto invites local high school students to visit their shop and shadow their technicians. They mentor and challenge them to see if auto repair is a possible career path.

  • Community Education Program – CoAuto offers classes and workshops in the field of automotive education, maintenance, and basic automotive knowledge. They empower their community to make educated, knowledgeable, and confident repair decisions.

  • Local Art Display Program – CoAuto exhibits artwork in their customer waiting area, showcasing local talent, and giving their creative community an opportunity for exposure.

  • Reverse Your Carbon Footprint Program – CoAuto partners with the Arbor Day Foundation and plants one tree with every oil change performed.

Contactless Service Leaders

Some businesses are just getting aboard with going paperless and contactless service protocols amid the height of our pandemic. CoAuto led the way with their swift response back in March, showing that their customer and staff safety, comfort, and health is a top priority:

* Photos, bios, & images courtesy of CoAuto

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