Build Better Customer Relationships With These Tricks of the Trade

The journey to build a rapport with your customers begins by getting to know them better. We traditionally did this by conversing with clients, but nowadays you can keep track of their habits via data collected with auto repair software with real-time labor guides AND a great customer interface.

Tips for getting to know your customers and building a more personalized auto repair brand.

  • Connect on social media. Consumers spend 2+ hours per day on social media —commenting, liking, and sharing content. Engagement platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can help you start conversations and spark dialogue with consumers, even when you aren’t face-to-face.
  • Send out surveys to get direct feedback and honest thoughts from your customers. This will allow you to segment your audience. Consumers today are more likely to do business with brands that provide personalized, relevant offers, so use survey response information to better meet their needs.
  • Host an event. By hosting a customers-only event, you will build value and create a memorable experience for your customers in a more personal way. Take this opportunity to start a conversation with them with your shop management software!
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  • Utilize customer data. Analytics can drive a powerful marketing plan. Take advantage of your customer database to send automated, personalized emails. Remind customers of upcoming appointments, to schedule a new appointment, or even reach out to them with a birthday email.
  • Map the customer journey. This offers a clear picture of how customers find and interact with your business. Use this information to create more relevant experiences at each step of the journey. Understanding the customer journey is a great way to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and see your business from their perspective.

In the end, getting to know your auto repair customers will help you better segment your audience to target similar consumers. This will also give you the opportunity to offer a much more personalized experience to drive engagement and boost sales.

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