BHY Consulting recommends vision and empathy when building your auto repair team to promote loyalty, teamwork, and productivity – allowing profits to soar.

Auto Shop Employee Engagement 101

Quick Question: Do you grill steaks for your employees to incentivize and engage them?

This is one of many ways to recognize and reward your team. You’ll want to give some thought as to whether you are using “the carrot” or “the stick.” What does that mean exactly?

BHY Consulting, Urban Autocare, and Reggie’s Motorworks teamed up with Shop-Ware’s shop management software to share some exclusive best practices on how to determine the best approach for motivating your shop staff.

Gain Employee Loyalty

BHY Consulting was founded on three keywords: Vision. Empathy. Bankability. Their ultimate goal is to promote loyalty, teamwork, and productivity – allowing revenues to soar. Their mantra is, “Not only can you keep the lights on as a business, but you also help others keep their lights on when you solve their problems.”

Take your auto repair shop to new heights with never-before-shared tips from this webinar:

  • Get the right people involved in all steps of the hiring process to assure hires are successful from day one
  • Find out how to really get to know your staff
  • Learn the best ways to reward your team when they go above and beyond

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