What To Do To Boost Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Some things just naturally seem to work well together. Steak and potatoes, wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly. All are excellent on their own, but together they seem to rise to a new level. Similarly, what if you could pair up two pieces of software to improve your auto repair shop marketing?

For an automotive shop owner, having a strong shop management system makes for an efficient and profitable shop. So does having a strong marketing and customer analytics partner. However, if you can find those two systems that work together well, you have elevated the value of both as you home in on your auto repair shop target market!

That is what you can get when pairing Shop-Ware’s shop management software with KUKUI’s All-in-One Success Platform. Leveraging both will help maximize your business, while eliminating the need for multiple vendor partners.

Bottom-line, these can help you make more money and save money at the same time.

Eric Gibson of 5th Gear Auto demos Shop-Ware shop management system and its Auto repair shop marketing integrations

Since switching to Shop-Ware, Eric Gibson’s team at 5th Gear Automotive gets “tickets built fast and average repair orders have increased.” He went on to say that leveraging the DVX has made a big difference in his Colorado shop.

“It is hard to call someone while they are working to discuss their car,” he says. “This system gets the information to them digitally quickly and they can respond quickly. We have seen a significant reduction in the time to get additional work approved.”

Meanwhile, Tara Topel of Topel’s Towing and Repair in Wisconsin had similar thoughts on why she chose Shop-Ware.

“We were looking to reduce the redundancy that various stacked programs created,” she recalls. “Something more efficient allowed us to spend more time with our clients and less time in front of the computer.” Shop-Ware accomplished just that for them.

analytics give insights into auto repair shop marketing

Making your auto repair shop more productive

On top of the sales impact of this system, Shop-Ware can also help you manage your inventory and provide analytics. These insights maximize the productivity of your shop or shops (since it also has multishop capabilities). For example, you can use the system to check part availability and pricing from your part vendors.

As far as within your shop, you can quickly see your workflow and see the capacity to do more. Having this information allows you to take in and service more customers. In addition, you can see what jobs, and cars, your shop is working on most and most effectively.

As a result, it accurately measures productivity of your team, both as a whole and for each individual.

This gives you amazing insight to maximize your business. The data that you get out of Shop-Ware can make a huge impact on how you manage your auto repair shop.

Marketing strategies for auto repair companies

Now, imagine taking that data and applying it to customer analytics to drive a more effective customer-acquisition and retention strategy. That is what happens when you partner Shop-Ware with KUKUI.

KUKUI gives you the means to reach potential and current customers, while helping to improve the overall customer experience. The data that KUKUI gets from Shop-Ware can help drive the type of business and vehicles that maximize what your shop does best.

This can help drive new customers to your business based on their needs. They will design a website that matches what the customers are looking for and improves their experience. It also increases customer retention through regular customer follow-up and communication.

“It makes my job a lot easier,” said Eric. The combination of these two systems “eliminated the need to have numerous vendors for what we wanted.”

The best part, according to Eric, was that pairing these two systems was “user friendly for the shop and customers.”

Dan and Tara Topel focus on auto repair shop marketing

What is the best marketing for an auto repair shop?

Tara and Dan Topel chose KUKUI because “so many other successful shops were using it, which is what attracted us. The analytics that they provide are crucial.”

When talking about the combination of Shop-Ware and KUKUI, she said “Clients rave about the experience! They appreciate the communication and transparency!” She appreciates the value that these bring together for the marketing plan for her auto repair shop.

“We are in the relationship business,” Tara says. “We value that both (Shop-Ware and KUKUI) are great relationships! We could not have opened our new shop without having these two pieces together!”

Every shop seeks the tools to connect with your auto repair shop target market quicker and better. For example, these two pair together to answer so many business needs and maximize the business results.

Shop-Ware and KUKUI can be just the partnership that you need to take your business to the next level!

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