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Advance Auto Parts Tracking By Assigning A ‘Traffic Cop’

Like most shops, you’ve likely struggled to get advance auto parts tracking on the parts you need for your shop. Research firm IMR says auto parts supply chain delays added 1.5 days to turn-around times for 500 shops they surveyed.

Half of them had frequent disruptions in 2021 while 34% ran into problems with order tracking occasionally. As a result, 74.3% of shops had to spread out and delay customer appointments, sometimes for days or weeks.

When parts finally arrive, you want to get working on the repairs – and for customers – you have lined up. With the best automotive shop software, you turn down the pressure in your day when you advance auto parts tracking.

Parts allocation works to advance auto order status

Every day, service advisors expend mental energy on the advance auto order status tracking related to every repair order. However, Shop-Ware has automated this process with its parts allocation, which facilitates shops’ workflow.

The allocation engine tells a service advisor what you have in stock, on order or yet to order as you build the estimate.

When a job transfers within a shop, a notification goes out to the recipient within the automotive shop software. Since the hand-off shows up on the workflow tab of ‘jobs in the shop’ right away, a manager can see at a glance who is responsible for a job at any given time.

Parts allocation helps to advance auto parts tracking

This system clearly lays out the RO assignment to a tech, its priority and when work begins. No other shop management software delivers this type of organization to help you sort and manage your day.

Why do we call it a traffic cop?

Ultimately, this “Allocation Engine” works like a traffic cop in your parts department. It prevents gridlock by following the computerized red and green lights inside your workflow page to keep things moving.

Thanks to this feature, you get real time, automatic updates on parts status within auto repair software workflows. Shop-Ware can also play a sound along with the screen notification to add an extra reminder.

Consequently, you know when to order, hold, and redispatch repair orders without checking another screen or tab.

Never again do you need to keep track of parts orders in your head. Instead, it eliminates the number of steps it takes for you to manage your inventory.

This way to advance auto order status can really help your shop keep pace with demand. For example, if you’ve put off a customer’s repair while you waited for parts, this gets you back on track faster.

How the Expeditor will advance auto parts tracking

Next, Shop-Ware’s exclusive Expeditor works behind the scenes so you can drag and drop ROs to transfer them. When you combine it with our exclusive parts allocation, it makes it easy to shuffle jobs around for maximum efficiency.

Expeditor - advance auto parts tracking

We call this “the Expeditor” because it allows your shop staff to get to work faster. As a result, it saves precious time at every stage. It also makes your records more accurate since the same data stays within one record that everyone uses.

Finally, all transfer details are captured in the repair order log. That visibility within the Workflow Tab alone is a lifesaver on your busiest days.

Pre-order parts to stay ahead of the competition

What if you could order parts before a vehicle even arrives in your shop? In many cases, you know you’ll likely need certain items as soon as a customer books an appointment.

Yet, Shop-Ware is the only automotive repair estimating software that allows you to pre-order parts BEFORE you start an RO. While other shops scramble, you can simply get on with the job.

Jon White on auto repair shop workflows and auto parts pricing

All these tools work together so your shop can streamline how you work every day. It frees up your mental energy so you deal with customers while under less stress. Additionally, it means your staff leave the shop with energy to enjoy the rest of their day. In the end, with fewer delays and headaches, your shop builds profit faster.

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