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In the business of auto repair, the product is technical ability. After the conscientious inspection, the diagnostic savvy, and the skilled repair, do you really want to hand your customer a piece of paper? To communicate in the digital age, you need to showcase your product and impress your customers with technology off board the car.

Shop software affects your customers, but you are a customer too.  Your daily tools should provide the same innovation and value, to impress and delight you. Repair professionals are so accustomed to mediocre software, it's frustrating to expect otherwise, even though these "tools" waste enormous amounts of energy and time. You can and should demand intelligent, contemporary solutions, optimized for your independent needs.

Shop-Ware serves both communities: repair professionals and their customers.  We tailor innovative, web-based technology to auto repair shops, so you can accomplish more, easier, and therefore faster.  With everyone connected, your business will thrive.

Our Background

Shop-Ware owes its roots to “Hyspace”, a custom shop management system built by Luscious Garage.  The circumstances of LG are unique to the story: started in 2007, located in San Francisco, and specializing in hybrids, LG needed to attract tech-savvy owners to gain market share. Hyspace offered transparent access to work orders in a live, paperless, web-based format. The software proved a cornerstone of LG’s success, garnering national attention. It continued to evolve over the years to better suit the needs of Luscious Garage and other shops that expressed interest in using it.

In mid-2013 the lessons of Hyspace were funneled into a fresh code base, with a SaaS platform to make it scalable to the industry. Shop-Ware proudly employs the technology of other browser-based success stories: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Heroku, AWS, GitHub, CircleCi, Code Climate, and New Relic. Our process is iterative and agile; we average a new release every two weeks.

The original Checklist MVP released August of 2014 (since folded into our SMS; old promo vid here). Our shop management platform launched in January of 2015.

Our Leadership

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Carolyn Coquillette Founder and CEO
Carolyn started Shop-Ware in 2013 as an extension of the custom software built for her own shop Luscious Garage. She lives in San Francisco and channels the city’s passion for technology to her peers nationwide. Proud memberships include the Service Center Scholars, iATN, ASA, ASCCA, and the ACA’s Women’s Board. She got her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in Physics and English. She got her Master Certification (and L1, L3) from ASE. She enjoys canoeing and The New Yorker.
Chip Keen Chief Product Officer

Chip owned and operated Hansville Repair from 1975-2001, for which he created the renowned software Garage Operator. He ran and supported GO beginning in 1990; hundreds of other shops adopted it (and many are still active users); it remains one of the most highly-featured, installed software platforms ever made. He worked at Identifix 2010-2014 as Senior Product Manager, overseeing several third party integrations and development projects. Besides his passion for SMS, Chip enjoys the Olympic Peninsula, building a new house, and general Microsoft geekdom.

Tyler Olmstead Lead Developer

Tyler leads engineering, is primary project manager, and handles all releases and code review. His technical background spans from PC hardware to personal websites for motorcycle racing friends. He is a RoR and styling prodigy, and can also wear down a knee puck any weekend, anywhere within driving distance of San Diego. Tyler wrote the first Shop-Ware code at its inception in 2013. He finds purpose in bridging the gap between web technology and the underserved auto repair space.

Lucas Balzer Marketing and PR
A longtime marketing consultant, Lucas got into the business of auto repair by way of Green Drop Garage, a Shop-Ware client in Portland, OR. He currently provides website and branding services for a portfolio of Shop-Ware users (including Luscious Garage and Atomic Auto), as well as Shop-Ware Inc. proper. A native of the west coast, Lucas is especially attuned to web technology, creative thinking, and new possibilities.